Do you take food home from a trip? (Vicious Foodie Newsletter)

by gigigriffis
colmar france

Hello foodie friends!

How was your July?

Ours included a trip to Paris, where we ate our way across the city, gluttons that we are, and then a trip to Alsace – a region of France known for its wines and its extremely pretty villages (the prettiest village in all France is there, according to a nation-wide vote).

Because we were in France, despite the fact that we have only two short weeks after vacation and before we leave for Estonia, we packed our bag full of foods. Five jars of jams and caramels. Truffle butter. A 250-gram bag of Mariage Freres tea. A loaf of gingerbread.

If we were staying longer here, we would have gotten more. Blue cactus tea. Truffle foie gras. A second loaf of gingerbread.

The list of things we found and wished for is a pretty long one.

Which got me to thinking about the things we foodies carry and wondering what you carry home with you from a foodie trip.

Do you make room for preserves and herbs and kitchen trinkets? Do you send home packages full of fine wines or slip hand-made chopsticks into the pockets of your coat?

I’d love to hear your food transit stories.

And in the meantime, here’s what I’ve been up to on the blog:

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As I mentioned, Chad and I will be moving on soon. Next stop: Tallinn, Estonia! If you have any foodie recommendations for EstoniaLatvia, or Finland, I’d love to hear them!

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