Dolac market: Zagreb’s largest farmers market

by gigigriffis
Dolac market: Zagreb’s largest farmers market

It’s no secret to anybody that I love farmers markets. What foodie doesn’t? Piles of fresh seasonal produce, smelly local cheeses, edible treats I’ve never seen before…it’s like a party designed precisely for me.

Which is why it’ll also surprise no one to hear that pretty much every time I go to Zagreb, even though I’m usually just passing through, I try to make it Dolac Market – Zagreb’s largest farmers market.

The scene is always a cheerful one: locals shopping for local fare. Piles of colorful fruits. Jars of honey with the comb still in. Full cafe chairs around the square as people sip their drinks and people-watch.

If you’re heading to Dolac yourself, here’s the skinny.

How to get there

Dolac Market is easy to find. Ask any local and they will point the way up a staircase in the center of town (near the main square). If you’d rather follow a map, here’s the Google Maps listing.

There are two sections of the market. The first is up the staircase outdoors in the center of town. The second is just underneath it, indoors through a set of doors to the right of the big staircase. Upstairs you’ll find most of the produce. Downstairs expect breads, cheeses, wines, etc.

When to go

Saturdays boast the largest market, but it’s open daily in the mornings.

What to expect

Fresh produce, honey, breads, cheeses, meats, wine, and more.


You’ll find some English here but not a ton. Go expecting to pantomime and chuckle at yourself.

apples at Zagreb's Dolac market

oranges in Zagreb grapes in zagreb

dolac market dolac market zagreb

Dolac market

Dolac market wine dolac market bread

dolac market honey Dolac market figs

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Zagreb's farmers market

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