March food challenge: learn to take better food photos

by gigigriffis
Bosnian cooking class

In 2019, I’m tackling one foodie challenge every month. Here’s where it all started.

My food photos are hit or miss.

There are several reasons for this. First, the fact that photography is all about lighting and restaurant lighting runs the whole gamut – from beautifully, naturally bright to oh god, are those florescent? to this-sexy-candlelight-doesn’t-photograph-well-at-all.

Then there’s the fact that I get nervous. I’m not that nervous about taking photos of fresh markets or landscapes. I’m not nervous when I’m photographing someone cooking. But something about pausing everything in a restaurant to take shots of every course makes me feel like everyone is watching. It’s easy to rush, especially if I’m already feeling anxious that day.

And then there’s the reality that my photography training was over 10 years ago and I haven’t kept up with it the way I should.

So this month, as I dive into my second month of foodie challenges, I’ve decided to try and remedy that. Because who wants to read a food blog with lame photos?

Thus, this month’s challenge was born.

Mexican food farmers market food in bosnia and herzegovina

March challenge: learn to take better food photos

This month I’ll be learning everything I can about food photography.

This means reading, watching videos, skimming blog posts, and putting what I learn to the test to try and improve my photography game. Have suggestions for your favorite food photo resources? Please, send them my way!

Join me!

If you’ve been thinking about improving your food photo skills and want a little accountability check, drop a comment below and let me know you’ll be joining me, then come back at the end of the month and let me know how it went. (If we get enough people, I might even ask everyone for before and after photos and put together a big post.)

And if you’d just like to follow along? I’ll be sharing each of this year’s challenges (and their results – for good or bad) via newsletter. You can sign up here.

Alright, then. Now, to the cameras.

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