March newsletter: On recovery & food photography

by gigigriffis
March newsletter: On recovery & food photography

If you read my last newsletter, you already know that February was a tough month.

A botched root canal left me in extreme pain and meant that I missed the mark on my first foodie challenge of the year. So, here’s the good news: After a half dozen appointments with multiple dentists and endodontists in two countries, my mouth is finally feeling normal and my anxiety levels are back to baseline. I still remember the pain enough to never want to go through it again, but it’s no longer with me.

Thank goodness.

March’s foodie challenge: improving my photography

As you may recall, this year I’m taking on a new foodie challenge each month. In March, that challenge was to improve my food photography skills (because who wants to read a blog with crappy food photos, right?).

The challenge went well for the most part. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and read some blog posts on the topic. I went out and got my camera sensors cleaned (which needed to be done). I spent time thinking about color theory and lighting and asking myself what made past photos work or not work. And I made some incremental progress.

I’ll share more about the results soon, but key takeaways included:

:: Be brave – spend time taking photos and don’t worry about anyone who might be side-eyeing you across the restaurant wondering if you’re a self-absorbed Instagram influencer.

:: Plan for your lighting – don’t be afraid to ask for a seat by the window where you’ll get the most natural light.

:: Play with contrasting colors – if you’re photographing yellow food, see if you have something purple to put in the shot to bring out the yellow. If you’re shooting something green, look for red accents.

April foodie challenge: well, actually…

And now, it’s time to stretch forward into April. And just before the month turned over, a few big, exciting things happened for my business. I have the opportunity to do some really exciting things, work with people I adore, and increase my savings rate.

The one caveat? If I take on the new work (which I am going to), I need to cut back on some of my side projects (temporarily).

The easiest thing to let go of is my monthly food challenges. So while I absolutely will be continuing to blog here at Vicious Foodie and I’ll still be sending monthly newsletters like this one, I’ll be taking a break from the food challenges for at least a few months so that I don’t overwhelm myself and the newsletter will probably shift a little in the process.

March on the blog

In between YouTube videos by The Bite Shot and exciting new client news, here on the blog I shared an interview with a Swiss chocolatier (because who doesn’t want to know more about Swiss chocolate?), a review of my favorite dessert spot in Interlaken, and some info about Interlaken’s organic farmers market.

Outside Switzerland, I shared my favorite restaurant in Prague, my favorite brunch spot in Paris, and a farmers market and interesting restaurant in Tbilisi, Georgia.

I also answered the question Are dogs allowed in restaurants in France?” (Hint: Yes.)

How was your month?

Did you join in on the challenge? How did it go? You can reply to this email or drop a comment on the blog anytime.

As you’re reading this, we’re still in Split, Croatia, and we haven’t found any restaurants that have wowed us yet. If you have any favorite foodie experiences, restaurants, or ingredients from the town or region, please let me know!

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