There’s not always something to write home about (April newsletter)

by gigigriffis
wine flight in Split

First, some honesty: April was an uneventful month for me food-wise.

And so I find myself struggling to write this newsletter.

What is there to say about mediocre food except that it was mediocre? I could tell you about the very expensive ravioli that wasn’t cooked all the way through. I could sigh over the bitter flight of wines. I could raise my eyebrows over the very western European prices at restaurants of middling quality.

But really there were no restaurants worth writing much about at all. The fine experiences were just that: Fine. The bad experiences were disappointing, but not funny or interesting enough to rant about.

It reminds me of when I first started traveling full-time. At first, friends and family would message me every day. What are you doing? What did you see? What adventures did you go on today? They’d ask.

Sometimes the answer was that I walked the Water of Leith Walkway in Edinburgh or explored the cute cobbled lanes of Bruges, Belgium.

But many times the answer was simpler. Less glamorous.

I worked. I did laundry. I recovered from an illness. I sat on my guesthouse bed and listened to the rain. I tried some restaurants that were just fine.

I was enjoying my life. I was glad to be on the road. But I didn’t always have something to write home about.

And I suppose that’s the thing: Not every experience is worth writing home about. And not every experience has to be.

It’s okay if sometimes you’re faced with a string of mediocre experiences or boring days or small setbacks. It’s okay if you’re quietly enjoying eating strawberries on your patio overlooking a pretty bay every night and that’s not really the sort of thing to dedicate a whole newsletter to.

Eventually, there’ll be another basil pesto that’ll bring you to tears. Another potato cooked so delicately that it melts in your mouth. Another breakfast that makes you laugh out loud in delight.

And in between, there will be quiet, lovely moments that aren’t worth writing home about, but are very much your own.

As for me, I’m rather content with that.

*     *     *     *     *

We’ve just arrived in Kotor, Montenegro, where we’ll be based for the next month. If you have a restaurant, cafe, or cooking class that could help me end up my boring-food streak, please let me know.

In the meantime, here’s the latest from the blog:

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That’s all for now, friends. Cheers from scenic Montenegro where I hope to bring you a real foodie dispatch soon.


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