The Foodie

by gigigriffis

Let’s be honest: I’m your worst nightmare.

I’m the friend who drags you halfway across town looking for a restaurant that meets my standards. Because, dear god, we cannot eat at the Mexican place that puts green beans in their quesadillas.

I’m the friend who takes forever at fresh markets and has to go through twice – the first time to assess the situation and the second time to buy.

And I’m definitely the one who invited you and your kids over for mac and cheese and expected that, of course your five-year-old wants to eat pasta made with a dash of dijon mustard.

I am, in other words, an enormous food snob. And sometimes oblivious.

But let’s be honest again: I’m also the one you turn to for food advice.

I’m the one you call when you’re planning that epic anniversary dinner in Paris or your first trip to Rome. I’m the one you come to when you have a question about real gelato or how to make your own pie crust or what’s so special about balsamic vinegar. I’m the one whose food advice you know you can trust.

Which is why I started this blog.

Because I know I’m a snob. I also know that my constant eating and my endless snobbery means that I have an inside track on damn good meals all over Europe. And I’d like to share them with you.

Want to know how to spot real gelato (and avoid the fake, powdered bullshit everyone’s selling these days)? I’ll tell you. Looking for a mid-priced restaurant in Paris that will leave you wanting more? I’ve got a recommendation for you. Want to know how balsamic vinegar is made and why that stuff in American grocery stores is bullshit? Stay tuned.

By the way, my name is Gigi

I’m a freelance writer (and content strategist) who has been writing about travel for 15+ years and writing about food about half that time. I’m the author of 10+ travel guidebooks. I am a former foreign correspondent for a travel magazine. And I’ve been traveling full-time mostly in Europe for almost seven years.

So, what can you expect from my reviews? Here’s a bit more about what I’m snobby about…and what I’m not.

I am a snob about…

Flavor. Duh.

Quality. Give me two otherwise equal dinner options and I’m going with the seasonal, locally-sourced, organic ingredients every time.

How food makes me feel. For me, eating is an event. Whether it’s a carefully-chosen picnic of fresh market breads, cheeses, and jams or a multi-course gourmet meal, I want to feel like eating isn’t just something on my to-do list for the day. It’s a joy. A time to slow down and savor the day. A celebration of living and flavor and good company. When I find a meal like that, it goes straight onto my hell yes, eat here list.

I’m not a snob about…

Location. I’ve had perfect meals in strip malls and old Italian villas, at street fairs and Michelin-starred dining rooms. Give me incredible flavor and I’ll go wherever you damn well want to serve it.

Price. High prices don’t always mean quality. (Shocker, I know.) I’d trade a lot of multi-course dinners at so-called fancy restaurants for a $4 roast beef burger from Cube Burger at Ljubljana’s Pivo & Burger event. I’ll also book an entire trip to Italy just to eat in the world’s best restaurant. You’ll find the whole pricing gamut here.

Presentation. I love a photogenic plate as much as the next person, but if you wow my tastebuds, I’ll get over a middling presentation real fast.

And now, onto the food.

What to eat in Europe Let’s get to the main course, shall we?

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