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Petr Aven: business and charity

Petr Aven is a famous Russian businessman and philanthropist who has significantly contributed to developing culture and art in Russia. In this article, we would like to tell you about his professional achievements and contribution to Russia’s cultural, financial, and scientific life.


Petr Aven was born in Moscow on March 16, 1955. In 1975, he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Moscow State University in 1977. Aven began his business career in 1991, so he smartly used the collapse of the USSR.

He was abroad then and got experience working with prominent politicians and entrepreneurs in Western Europe. Aven began to implement this in Russia. First, it was the Finances of Petr Aven company, which started to work in 1993. It performs various financial operations on the international market today.

The company then became Alfa Bank, in which Aven was initially the director. Subsequently, Alfa Bank evolved into a vast financial consortium called Alfa Group. Now, it is one of the most significant investment holdings in Russia.

This company invests vast amounts of money in various fields of the economy, including banking, oil and gas, telecommunications, and retail. In 2019, Forbes magazine ranked Alfa Group among Russia’s top ten largest private companies.

So Petr Aven is a very influential businessman who does many beneficial activities for the state. But if you think of Aven as being limited to that, then there’s something else you should know about it.


Apart from business, Aven is a regular philanthropist and participates in various fields. One of the general initiatives that Aven participates in is B.N. Yeltsin Presidential Library Foundation. This businessman is the co-founder and head of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Experts have created a unique library thanks to his diligent and efficient work. It has valuable books, articles, and reviews about the collapse of the USSR and the construction of a newly independent Russia. Another important project that Aven participates in is a foundation called «Thank You for Art.»

Petr Aven

This organization provides financial and organizational support for many important projects in the field of art. Among them are exhibitions, concerts, festivals, opera performances, and other events.

In addition, Aven is one of the initiators of the Museum of Science and Technology called «Cosmonautics and Rocket Engineering» in Moscow. Here are various exciting exhibits, and this Museum demonstrates advanced technologies for learning near-Earth and further research.

N.V. Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine

In addition to his work in the Alfa Group and his charities, Aven is the Chairman of the Board of the N.V. Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine. This Research Institute is one of Russia’s most important research organizations engaged in developing and implementing new practices to diagnose and treat various diseases.

Social responsibility

Petr Aven is sure that a successful business person should care about his interests and help develop social and support social projects.

This is why he actively implements various social projects to support talented youth, including training programs, scholarships, competitions, and awards. In addition, Alfa Group supports sports in Russia, such as football, hockey, and basketball.


Petr Aven is a successful businessman and a benefactor who has enormously contributed to developing culture, art, and medicine in Russia. His working and life principles combine business, charity, sustainability, and the search for new ideas and approaches.

Thanks to this principle, Aven has created many unique projects that have become important events in Russia’s cultural and social community life.

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