Where To Download Skype For Free

Today Skype for Android operating system has become an absolutely free application. This application allows you to make audio and video calls, as well as create text chats in which it is possible to exchange files, photos, and so on. You have the opportunity to make a call anywhere in the world, including on mobile phones at a very low price.

Skype for phone

Until 10 years ago, Skype was only supported on computers. But as time goes on, mobility is becoming more and more important, which also applies to software. Today you can download Skype to your smartphone directly from the Apksalad website. On this site, the Skype application is completely free and updated to the latest version. Besides, you can find many similar apk for Android. You have the ability to search apps by name or by category. There you can see the app’s star rating, that is why the apk download site is one of the best for android users.

Advantages and disadvantages

The program is very functional, but at the same time, it consumes a lot of resources. It must be understood that according to the ideology of such programs, they must be constantly running on the phone so that you can immediately contact the right person.

Pros and features of Skype

  • the ability to make voice calls;
  • the ability to make video calls;
  • the ability to transfer files;
  • you can call and write Facebook contacts;
  • support for group chats;
  • there is no binding to the device (a skype account can be used from different devices);
  • the program can be used both on a phone and on a tablet.

Cons of Skype

  • the assistance of an experienced user during the installation process (setting up peripheral devices and other software components);
  • a fairly large volume of the distribution kit in comparison with analogs;
  • frequent “bugs” associated with the account, during the update there are often failures with the account.

Using Skype, you can share your story, celebrate someone’s birthday, hold an important meeting or discuss work issues with colleagues. Skype can be used on phones, computers, tablets, and other devices. Basic Skype features like voice and instant messaging are offered free of charge. There is also the possibility of group video communication.

Try Skype today and start adding friends, family, and colleagues to your contact list. Finding them on Skype will not be difficult, because the program is already used by hundreds of millions of people. Despite the abundance of other messengers created specifically for mobile devices, this program is still relevant.

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