Restaurant Reviews

Troquet les Mouettes, Grenoble

The restaurant leaves you an impression of cleanliness and simplicity, yet the menu is not at all monotonous. The ever-changing menu is written on a blackboard, which is readily brought up to your table and clearly explained.

Should you not be able to read French, you can always take out your dictionary, politely asking for help from an English-speaking staff to explain the menu for you. Here you will not find any English menu at all.

You are entitled to expect a full-course lunch menu with multiple options for every single course. For us, we chose tender steak with sweet potato puree and figs as our main course. After that, chocolate brownie topped with homemade mint ice cream made our delicious dessert. The simple yet carefully prepared and cooked food with the best ingredients is totally amazing – featuring the typical hallmarks of a great meal (and especially for a French one).

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