Restaurant Reviews

Mariage Freres

Our skilled chefs vigorously follow the “Mariage Frères‘ golden rules to create the most refined and precious infusions, to the enchantment of tea lovers. The first step is tea preparation, where we provide tight control of water temperature and steeping time. The water to be used is also purified to retain the most flavors and aromas of the tea. Before serving the tea, we take the tea leaves out of the teapot.

In addition to our tea offering, epicures can enjoy our original baked preparations. The French Art of Tea is primarily an “Art de la Table”, featured in the “Cuisine au Thé” (French Cuisine with Tea). The baked food is readily served by our chefs every day in preparation for both main courses and desserts.

Adjoining the tea shop, tea salons are a great choice for enjoying tea among the antique furniture. Now all tea lovers and gourmands can indulge in a peaceful environment, slowly succumbing to sweet and savory temptations.

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