Restaurant Reviews

The Black Swan at Oldstead, United Kingdom

The only menu that we offer, Tasting Menu, actually means that we can freely decorate and mix our hand-grown food to create beautiful dishes and a unique dining experience for our customers.

Everything offered in our menu is made up of all the ingredients that we grow either in or around Oldstead. Outwardly simple as they may seem, the freshness and tastiness come from the popular flavors of fermenting, pickling or prolonged aging.

“Living somewhere that your family had been for centuries give you something like ‘roots’. It means you belong with it, and the more you get to know about it, the more things you want to build on it.”

Hedgerows and woodland at Oldstead are where we forage our traditional and excellent field crops. Both the production and experiment team devote all their enthusiasm to making alternative uses and preservation of the different ingredients. Assistant to our Head Chef, Kevin Brown, is Tommy Banks, who strives to keep these foods on our menu all year round.

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