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Hookah charcoal market analysis

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For a newcomer to the world of hookah, and sometimes for a smoke lover with experience, the choice of charcoal can be difficult. The role of the explosive substance in the smoking process should not be underestimated because the quality of each component of the hookah is important for great smoke. Let’s break down what coal for hookah is best to use and introduce you to the coconut charcoal manufactory, making it easier and faster to choose from.

Which charcoal for hookah is better

In the process of cooking hookah, the right charcoal plays not the least role. Smokiness, softness, and saturation of tobacco flavor without extraneous chemical tones are directly affected by the type used for heating.

There are many types of charcoal:

  1. Charcoal (lemon charcoal, olive charcoal, grape charcoal);
  2. Walnut charcoal (walnut);
  3. Coconut charcoal;
  4. Self-igniting charcoal.

You don’t have to experiment with each because years of experience from avid hookah smokers say that coconut charcoal is the best charcoal for hookah.

All types of explosives, except coconut, have similar properties. Their main disadvantage is that they smoke too quickly. When coconut charcoal briquette Indonesia is used, it does not emit a strong characteristic odor.

Coconut charcoal is perfectly ignited, smokes for a long time, and evenly scattered. The disadvantage of coconut combustible is the cost. It is higher than similar products.

Rating of charcoal for hookah

Many people are interested in what charcoal is used for hookah by experienced smoke lovers. To make it easier for you to choose, let’s consider the best manufacturers of combustible substances according to avid hookah addicts.

The quality of charcoal can depend not only on the manufacturer but also on the batch of products. If you have been buying the same brand of cubes for a long time, you may notice that, at times, you may not be satisfied with the quality of the product. This doesn’t mean that the brand’s products have “gone bad.” You may have only come across a bad batch.

If you are in search of a good hookah charcoal and do not know which one to choose, focus on the time-tested brands below.

coconut charcoal
coconut charcoal

Big Maks

Big Maks coconut product is a smooth cube originating from Indonesia. It is packed in a brightly colored box and polyethylene, which protects the product from damage and the possibility of dirty working surfaces.

The product is quickly ignited and smolders for about an hour without fading. There are no unpleasant pungent odors when using Big Mak’s charcoal. After itself, it leaves a minimal amount of ash. The charcoal is suitable for kalaud, foil, and any bowls.


This natural coconut product is produced in Indonesia using an author’s technology that ensures the absence of any harmful chemical additives. The ecological purity of coal allows you to get a clean, bright flavor when smoking hookah.

When igniting, the product does not emit unpleasant extraneous odors. Crown charcoal allows you to get an even heat, and after smoking, there will be almost no ash.


Coconut charcoal from one of the leading manufacturers of hookah products. It is produced in Indonesia. It is ignited faster than competitors’ products and heats up evenly; the heat lasts about 60 minutes. There is practically no waste from this coal. The product does not emit any unpleasant odors, but still, when using any combustible material, it is necessary to ventilate the room.

The burning time of Cocoloco coals is more than an hour, which allows you to fully enjoy your hookah. The price is slightly higher than the other brands in the review, but it corresponds to the quality of the product.

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