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The art of lasting beauty: lip tattoo tips

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Popular techniques of permanent lip makeup.

Now, for advertising and attracting the attention of clients, masters of permanent makeup offer a lot of different techniques. And 3D, and 6D. The most TOP and exist only 2.

Watercolor lip tattooing

The most popular lip tattoo technique due to its natural and light effect. To perform it, nude shades of pigment are used, contouring is excluded, and to visually increase the lips, the master can only slightly go beyond the natural contours. During the procedure, the pigment is spread out, creating the

The effect of tattooing: slightly voluminous, fresh lips of a beautiful, attractive shade. The color is hidden, not too conspicuous, while the lips still look painted. It can be combined with decorative cosmetics for a different kind of makeup.

Lipstick technique

A great lip liner tattoo option for those who are used to using lipstick. The pigment is introduced more densely, and any shade can be used, including nude. But because of the denser introduction, it looks more saturated. Lip tattooing with a spread can be with or without contour. The color of the contour, as a rule, is slightly darker than the main one.

How much heals and holds permanent lip tattoo

Healing of lip tattooing lasts no more than 28 days. This period includes the “acute” phase of healing, which lasts up to 7 days (each individual), and the recovery phase, when the skin has already healed, but the shade continues to change due to processes in the body and skin. During the first few days, the skin feels traumatized. It may be slightly moist, and lymph fluid may ooze from it. Then, on days 3-5, the fluid dries up and forms a slight peeling, which is not recommended to remove with hands.

On the 7th-10th day, the peeling completely comes off on its own, leaving behind a lighter shade of pigment. After ten days after lip tattooing, you can not perceive the effect as final. At least another 10-15 days in the body will change the assimilation of pigment by the body. Only after 28-30 days can you consider the effect final. During this period, it is recommended that corrections be made.

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Why correction of lip tattoo

The master will always recommend to do it. To add saturation, prolong the duration of the tattoo and remove minor imperfections that may have formed during the period of recovery of the lip skin. Correction is not mandatory; it is performed at will. But be prepared that without correction, the effect will be noticeable for no more than 1.5 years. And with correction – 2 or more years. In addition, the cost is 50% of the original cost of the procedure if it is done in 1-2 months.

Benefits of lip tattooing

Women always want to change and improve their appearance. Therefore, lip tattooing is very much in demand. However, its popularity is not only because it transforms the appearance. Lip tattooing is also:

  1. Can return cosmetic practices, in particular, lip augmentation. Of course, the actual increase will not be, but it can be achieved with the help of fillers. However, visually, the lips will seem larger;
  2. can visually hide asymmetry, expression lines, scars, scars, the consequences of deep herpes, etc.;
  3. The healing period does not require special measures. The skin heals quickly, without discomfort or any problems.

At the same time, lip liner tattoo looks beautiful and neat. Eliminates the need to paint your lips. You can eat, drink, dive into the pool, and steam in the sauna with full confidence that your lip color and shape look cool.

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